Messi in New Jersey: Fourteen US host cities selected for 2024 Copa América

Fourteen US metropolitan organizations will play host to the Copa América the going with summer, with the semi-finals in East Rutherford, New Jersey, and Charlotte before the 14 July title in Miami.

The US men’s public get-together will be in Party C and open at Arlington, Texas, on 23 June then, at that point, play in Atlanta four days in a little while and Sharpened Stone Field in Kansas City on 1 July.

The managing social events of South America North and Focal America and the Caribbean offered the expression on Monday, filling in the metropolitan organizations that will be central for the 16-bundle challenge.

The quarter-finals will be held tight on 4 July at NRG Field in Houston; 5 July at AT&T Field in Arlington, Texas; and 6 July at State Ranch Field in Glendale, Arizona, and Allegiant Field in Las Vegas.

The semi-finals will be in New Jersey’s MetLife Field on 9 July and Charlotte’s Bank of America Field the following day. The third-put game will be in Charlotte on 13 July, the night preceding the last.

The draw is set for Thursday in Miami. This will be just the second time the Copa América has been held external South America beginning from the show challenge in 1916.
These scenes are most excellent and have overwhelming fans who are well known for getting behind colossal occasions, CONCACAF president Victor Montagliani said in a statement.

Conmebol and Concacaf reported last month that the 20 June opening game will be at the Mercedes-Benz Field in Atlanta, while South Florida’s Hard Rock Field dealt with the last.

Managing Copa América and World Cup champion Argentina, driven by Cover Miami’s Lionel Messi, have been set in Friendly event An and will play in the Atlanta opener, as well as East Rutherford five days in a little while and Miami Nurseries on 29 June.

Different regions uncovered on Monday: SoFi Field in Inglewood, California; Levi’s Field in St Scratch Clara, California; Exploria Field in Orlando, Florida; Q2 Field in Austin, Texas; and a genuine office in the Kansas City metro district: Youngsters’ Charitableness Park on the Kansas side of the line.

Mexico opens in Houston on 22 June, plays four days at some point later at Inglewood, and closes the main round on 30 June at Glendale. Brazil heads pack D and has games in Inglewood on 24 June, Las Vegas for four days in a little while and St Scratch Clara on 2 July.

Eleven of the scenes are for the most part notable as NFL fields, going in size from 63,400-seat State Ranch Field to 82,500-seat MetLife Field. The other three – 25,500-seat Exploria Field, 20,700-seat Q2 Field, and 18,500-seat Kids’ Liberality Park – are Gigantic Association Soccer work environments.

The resistance is connecting in 2024, with six social events from North America joining the standard 10 countries from South America that seek after the focal region title. The course of action reflects the Copa América Centenario in 2016, the very last time the resistance was composed external South America.

We will encounter a pivotal Copa América, taking part in the best football on earth in 14 popular fields, said Alejandro Dominguez, the head of Conmebol.
For the 2024 conveyance, the Conmebol regulars will be joined by six Concacaf qualifiers. The host US, Mexico, Jamaica, and Panama obtained their spots by winning in the Countries Association quarter-finals, while 23 Walk season finisher games matching Costa Rica v Honduras and Canada v Trinidad and Tobago will pick the last two individuals.

Two social event round games will be played at each site adjacent to Charlotte – which has the plans of knockout matches – and the two Kansas City fields, which cause them to aggregate game each.

MetLife Field, NRG Field, Levi’s Field, and State Bequest Field are the essentially returning fields from the 10 settings that were utilized for Copa América Centenario, yet games correspondingly were held in Orlando (Setting up camp World Field) and the Los Angeles district (Pasadena’s Rose Bowl)
Aside from the Centenario challenge, Copa América working with responsibilities usually has turned among the 10 Conmebol countries in South America. The plan called for Ecuador to have it in 2024, yet that nation was taken out by ideals of safety issues. The US stepped in to make up for the shortage under another relationship between Conmebol and Concacaf.

Eight of the 14 fields for the Copa América have proactively been picked as settings for the 2026 World Cup, which will be worked with by the US, Mexico, and Canada. They are: MetLife Field, Hard Rock Field, Mercedes-Benz Field, Levi’s Field, SoFi Field, AT&T Field, NRG Field, and Pointed Stone Field.

A piece of those settings could correspondingly be in the running for one more colossal challenge that will be facilitated in the US in 2025 – the extended Club World Cup highlighting 32 get-togethers.

Montagliani said holding two basic conflicts before the World Cup will concrete our area as a general spot point for football.

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