Prograis shows how a fighter can lose their crown and keep their dignity

The 34-year-old was outclassed by Devin Haney in their world title fight. Notwithstanding, by showing his mankind he was by all accounts a supervisor than any time in ongoing memory

The shocking indications of battle covered the substance of Regis Prograis, the fallen chief, as he came out first for the assessment in the tornado shelter of the Pursuit Spot in San Francisco. An hour sooner, not long after the last ring which confirmed that his preliminary was done and he had encountered a shutout defeat to the stunning Devin Haney who transformed into the new WBC junior-welterweight best on earth, Prograis chatted with rough validity in the ring.

That mother sweetheart’s perfect, he’s boss so I thought he was, Prograis said of Haney, who had destroyed him in the third round and hurt him again on different occasions during a long and troublesome pulsating. I just couldn’t get to him. I thought he was a fragile puncher, but he has power. I was down and I was like: ‘What on earth happened?’

At the post-fight public meeting his face was injured, cut, and extended while red blotches were spread across his sanctuary, and under his left eye, like a lipstick applied in a crushed shock. Nonetheless, his class was clear as he complimented Haney, who had won each round on all of the three scorecards and conveyed a masterclass that moved him towards the most raised places of the pound-for-pound stakes. Haney, the 25-year-old past undisputed world lightweight chief, looked significantly more noteworthy, more grounded, speedier, and younger than Prograis in his most critical fight at junior welter. Restored by not starving himself to make the 135lbs lightweight end, Haney conveyed the best execution of his calling as yet.

Prograis told him as much in the brief aftermath of his staggering mishap in a sold-out scene: I said, ‘Sibling, you’re better than I naturally suspected you were.’ All his jeering words before the fight, which had provoked Haney’s clear shortfall of impact and sensitive jaw, were superseded by this new and certified respect. I was unendingly trying yet I couldn’t get to him, Prograis said, as he lauded Haney for his quick and unpretentious power and astounding footwork.

I arranged my butt off and it essentially wasn’t adequate, Prograis surrendered. The 34-year-old cut a moving figure for, rather than hiding away in trouble, he had come to stand up to us. An American feature writer talked seriously anyway kindly as he urged Prograis to hold your head as high as could be expected, and walk tall. You’re at this point a supervisor to people and I wouldn’t give up if I were to imagine being in your position.

Yet again prograis signaled as the old fire in him impacted. Much gratitude to you for the words, but I’m unquestionably not giving up. Like I said, three-time best on earth, that is my goal right now. I told all of my family in the evolving region, while they were crying: ‘Sibling, get your head. It’s a fight. You will win or lose. I won’t deceive anyone. For this fight, I arranged my butt off for a seriously lengthy timespan, and it just wasn’t adequate. At times that will happen all through day-to-day existence.
Eddie Hearn, who exceptional the two individuals for this fight and had appeared to lean toward Haney all through a vociferous and on occasion horrendous turn of events, wrapped up the Prograis public meeting by saying, Extraordinary, Devin Hearn quickly comprehended his slip-up and corrected himself, a little meekly, by going to the expelled champion and saying his right name: Regis.
Prograis gazed toward him, shook his head with an upsetting giggle, and mumbled: Goddamn, Eddie.

While others held on for the grandiose appearance of Haney, I followed Prograis out of the gathering room and down the way towards the cool night outside where the vehicles were clutching to return him and his gathering to their motel. He walked around in front of his coaches, friends, and family. He would have been isolated from every other person except the way that his seven-year-old young lady, Khalessi, held his left hand which had failed to hurt any Haney.

Prograis turned when I shouted to him. He smiled and walked around to expand his right hand. That had moreover not hurt Haney yet rather no piece of that had an effect a lot anymore. I let him in on the sum I’d valued and how he had acted amidst the debacle. As Prograis muttered his thanks and we held hands I rethought of the sum you learn about the character of a shame man.

Following five minutes, in a comparable room Progais had as of late left, the new ruler of keeping cleared with his organization. Wearing maker shades and white gloves, Haney had moreover returned the valuable stone studs in his ear ligament and slipped on the watch which should be esteemed at $700,000. He and his father, Bill, who trains him, progressed toward the top table. They were joined by a transmitting Hearn who has all the earmarks of being made plans to grow their one-fight extraordinary course of action which had taken big-time boxing back to San Francisco, where Haney had been imagined and encountered the underlying seven years of his life, unprecedented for more than twenty years.
Not by any stretch of the imagination like his vanquished rival, Haney didn’t have an engraving all over as he conversed with a calm mix of absence of concern and conviction. It had been a show of such virtuosity that Haney just grinned when informed that Prograis had laid out a bothersome norm by breaking the CompuBox record for the least punches showed up in a 12-round enormous confrontation meeting. Prograis had related with just 39 punches, diverged from the 139 blows that had thrashed his face, at this point, Haney shrugged. He said perhaps Prograis had landed significantly less and that not one punch experienced caused him any trouble. Haney stood out from a contending meeting while in like manner exhorting us that Prograis had been considered, until Saturday night, as the most accomplished and hardest-hitting champion at 140lbs.

I did all that I communicated I wanted to do, Haney chattered. I went in there and I debilitated him. We understand that he wanted to come in with a significant left-hand way we benefitted from his penchant for leaning in … and a short time later I hit him with superstars.

Haney smiled, for he had become tired of being chastised as a light-hitter who had not taken out anyone for a long while. understand that I was hurting him, he communicated uncaringly before getting a handle on that the outrageous weight cut he had been constrained to make for so long in the lighter division had kept him from getting all his power. Haney examined his standard shock that the hard-hitting power he had in the rec focus evaporated when he wandered through the ropes for a lightweight test.

I was ending it all to make 135 Haney said. I would go into a fight and be depleted. I wouldn’t be my best self. By and by I’m all set in there and be the real Devin Haney.

He zeroed in on his conviction that he could beat every single competitor in the lesser welterweight division as well as all individuals who campaign at the welterweight farthest reaches of 147 lbs. Devin is earth-shattering, his father said. He’s truly extraordinary and he showed that tonight.

Haney Sr dared to suggest that his youngster would in a little while be ready to fight Terence Crawford, the great and horrendous No. 1 pound-for-pound competitor on the planet for most boxing academics and fans. Crawford, who obliterated Errol Spence at welterweight in July in the presentation of the year, will move to 154lbs in 2024 – when he and Spence meet in a rematch. Haney Sr derived that he would like Crawford to get back to welterweight after that meeting, for here he feels his youngster will be at his best. However, in the meantime, there is a great deal of enamoring and compensating meetings at junior welterweight.

Ryan Garcia was the name referred to most often after Prograis had been dispatched. Hearing that Garcia had called him out using online diversion Haney smiled again and said: It’s perfect to hear that he finally needs to fight.

Haney was more careless of Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis and suggested that a meeting against the monumental competitor from Baltimore, who took out Garcia in April, was at this point unthinkable. He blamed Davis for persistently talking down the chance of their get-together in the ring and dependable that Garcia was an impressively clear opponent.

His father, an industrious waste talker, added: Quit letting Tank and his gathering piss on your head and let you in on its deluge with these unimportant fights.

Notwithstanding, the truth is Haney is so incredible and consequently versatile that he can be coordinated with supreme competitors at different burdens, from Davis to Crawford, which is the most striking sign of his new star demand.

Haney was fortunate to have won his last fight, a quickly close decision on concentrations against a guaranteed wonderful in Vasiliy Lomachenko in May, yet that meeting had been his last at lightweight. He looks changed now and how he hurt, dropped, and completely wrecked a warrior as outrageous and strong as Prograis underlined the important entryways which as of now search for him in fights where he will right now not be exhausted by savage weight cuts.

It made a gigantic difference and you can see that in my presentation, Haney said. I feel such significantly more grounded and, in this camp, I had the choice to recover and relax more. I felt great. This means everything. Since I was a little kid, my dream was to go back to the Straight Locale and put on a significant event. What ideal time over now with 16,000 people arising to help me?

Haney hurried to say the sum he expected to encase Saudi Arabia, where the money is all around as disrespectful as the shortfall of normal freedoms stays glaring. His valuable stones sparkled and his gold teeth sparkled as he considered to some degree longer

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